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A look at the fantasy genre of literature, discussing literary elements in general as relating to the genre as well as to specific works. This podcast aims to give the fantasy genre the serious consideration it so often fails to get from critics and academics.

I no longer promise that episodes will be available on anything like a regular schedule, as I am forced to record them in the midst of a pretty hectic work schedule this semester.

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Past and upcoming episodes:

General Series II
01 Fantasy, All Grown Up
02 Fantasy Clichés 1
03 Fantasy as Social Commentary
04 Fantasy in the Media
05 Fantasy Clichés 2
06 The Fantasy Bestiary

The Children of Hurin Lectures
01 The Childhood of Turin (Intro & Ch. 1)
02 The Curse of Morgoth (Ch. 2-3)
03 Turin and the Elves (Ch. 4-5)
04 Turin and the Outlaws (Ch. 6-7)
05 Turin and Beleg (Ch. 8-9)
06 Turin in Nargothrond (Ch. 10-12)
07 Turin in Brethil (Ch. 13-15)
08 The Death of Turin (Ch. 16-18)

General Series
01 The History of Fantasy
02 J.R.R. Tolkien

03 The Genres of Fantasy

04 Character-Driven Fantasy

05 Worldbuilding: Geography

06 Worldbuilding: Cartography
07 Worldbuilding: Culture
08 Worldbuilding: History
09 Worldbuilding: Religion
10 Worldbuilding: Language
11 Theme in Fantasy
12 Motifs of Fantasy
13 Reading Fantasy as Literature


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