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Well, now that we are well and truly past the excitement of regular Scion releases, I must find something to talk about here. I do have an update both on the Nook editions and on the new material, but I want to start off talking about something I stumbled across this weekend on the internet.

10,000 words a day?

This post by fantasy writer Rachel Aaron, who I just recently discovered, was nothing short of inspirational. Now, before I go any further, let me say that I struggle for consistency but I am already a fast writer. I can write 20,000 words a week without much hassle, but I also get burnt out rather quickly. Well, the afore-linked post gave me an interesting idea.

I’ve always been an outliner, but never an intricate outliner. I can tell you the progression of my story before I write it, what will happen where, and so on (though the details usually change rapidly during composition), but I cannot talk in any great detail except about what’s on the writing plate for tomorrow. Even then, I realized that I only hold vague notions in mind until I begin writing. Aaron’s single-most valuable piece of advice in that post is to take 5 or 10 minutes before writing and plot everything you plan to write in that session before you touch the keyboard. Writing is tiring because I’m doing so much legwork on the plot at the same time as actually composing the words.

Now, I tried that this morning and wrote 5,000 words in 2 hours. I kid you not. That’s fast even for me. What’s the secret? Simply, knowing in detail what you are going to write before you begin actually writing is invaluable and a massive time-saver. There is no um-ing and ah-ing as you write but a simple progression from point to point. Now, am I going to be able to consistently write 10K words a day? I doubt it, and I doubt Rachel Aaron sustains that momentum for long, but it certainly makes producing one 5-6K chapter a day less of a daunting task. So, I’ll update you all on this experiment next Monday, as I’m going to really try it out this week.

The  Scion of Nook

So, having sat down and figured out dates and all that, I will begin publishing The Scion of Abacus on the Barnes and Noble Nook this Friday. I will publish each of the six parts weekly, running the serial for six weeks, putting the whole novel on BN by the end of June.

I’m grateful for all the folks who joined the ride on Amazon, but I realize that I’m missing potential readers by dwelling exclusively over there. So, if you enjoyed Scion (or didn’t but know someone who would) and can recommend it to folks with a Nook, Part One will be on sale at BN.com this Friday. Links to follow.


Production on the new novel continues apace. I’m still dallying in terms of how I’m going to divide it, but I think I’ll begin to have a clearer idea by the weekend or next week, once I’ve put Rachel Aaron’s techniques to a full experiment. What’s daunting about the whole project is that if I manage to write 10K words a day and never miss a single day of writing at that pace, the entire two-book saga of Eidylon will still take me at least 45 days to finish. That’s quite frightening, if you think about it.

I am just shy of 50K words into the story now, which for a 4-volume serial gives me roughly part one completed. Let me throw out a minor tidbit here to begin the ol’ ratcheting up of excitement: the story is told from three points of view, each one relating to one of the three points in the Freudian trio. And there is a city under siege too. The entirety of the two-book plot takes place in a single city. How very Sanderson-esque of me, right? Oh, and then there are these:

Right, that’s your lot for the week. Cheers!

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  1. Antony Chow

     /  May 21, 2012

    Bro, you sure know how to tease your readers. Definitely looking forward to your next series!


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