The Pride of Blood and Empire Blog Tour

Latest Stop: Guest post at Wicked and Tricksy

Beginning July 25 and running through August 15, I will be touring about the internet visiting various blogs. There will be posts on fantasy and on podcasting, interviews, and book features.

Itinerary so far (more to come potentially)

7/25: Scribbles and Tunes: Interview with Christopher Bunn
7/27: GP at E-book Endeavors: A Podcast as a Brand-builder
7/29: GP at Her Ladyship’s Quest: Can Good Fantasy be Good Literature?
8/2: GP & Interview with David Gaughran: Podcasting for Indie Authors
8/8: No Trees Harmed: Interview*
8/9: Interview at Chaos & Insanity*
8/12: GP at Wicked & Tricksy: Fantasy as Social Commentary
8/13: Bards & Sages: Ten Random Things*
8/15: GP at the Writer’s Lounge:*

*These stops were arranged with the help of the folks at The Positively Published Virtual Book Tour by Bards and Sages Publishing

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