the fantasy realms of brondt kamffer

ilarion and the blind man’s game

The Interrogation of Ilarion iz Balundan #1

Free Serial Here and at Wattpad

Ilarion and the Blind Man's Game


eidylon: birth of an empire

An epic fantasy serial novel
in the style of Michener and Rutherfurd

Available at Amazon

Eidylon: Birth of an Empire


hero: the saga of prince hael

Available at Amazon and BN

The tale of a wandering dispossessed prince.
Larger than life villains. Truer than life loves.
A mixture of Norse saga and Medieval romance.


the scion of abacus

The best-selling fantasy serial novel
Available at Amazon & BN

A thousand-year-old conspiracy.
A caste system based on magic.
A young man with the power to overturn the world.


the ossian chronicles

Epic high fantasy inspired by the works of Shakespeare
Omnibus Edition available at Amazon & BN


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