One might not assume that two different patterns of floral prints should be working together in the same outfit. But the truth it, that fashion always admires men who are able to acknowledge that clothes don’t always need to be matched, and in many cases, look a lot better if not matched. Floral prints have been one of the different designs of motifs that may look great without being matched! For example, consider an earthy blue mens floral blazer style, linen perhaps. Along with khaki floral print pants, this look can make any guy look really trendy and daring, and definitely not like he is trying too hard. Here’s the ultimate key to allowing two different patterns of floral prints in menswear work together, harmoniously:

The Shirt & Footwear

The key to an excellent look with different patterns id within the shirt, primarily because it can tone down all the patterns going on, particularly if the shirt is a solid NEUTRAL COLOR. This will give rise to a perfectly balanced outfit that isn’t necessarily matching. And for the record, neutral colors include white, navy blue, grey, forest green, and earthy colors.

Footwear has always been one of the things that can make or break an entire outfit. In this case, sticking to neutral against best. Since the mens floral blazer and pants are giving art to your look, toning it down with solid color, rather simple footwear is a smart thing to do.

Matching different patterns might seem like a definite no no¬†for many fashionable guys. However, implementing solid color accessories, footwear, and shirts are the perfect way way to make this mens floral blazer look work excellently! Making an outfit with different patterns becomone apart of your wardrobe takes a daring nature, and modern gentlemen have just that quality — brave, stylish, and quite frankly, very, very fashionably ‘floral print blazer mens‘ capable!

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